The Power of the Waves

Irish Tube Compressor (ITC)

The device is based upon reinforced but flexible tubes lying on the water and with controlled air and water admission to the open ends whereby the air and water is driven forward in successive 'slugs' by the ocean waves acting on the tube(s) and the resulting water head and air pressure is converted to electricity by conventional means or used directly in other processes such as water desalination.

Consider the ITC as having 3 stages:

  • 1. The first - or infeed-stage. There are many ways to feed in the air and water. In practice we will aim to keep it as simple as possible.
  • 2. The mid - or operational-stage. We envisage a long array of special hoses or tubes, resembling a massive "lilo" mattress.
  • 3. The final - or power-collection stage will consist of valves and separator(s), header tanks/receivers + water and air turbines driving electrical generators. Parts and complexity will be kept to a minimum.